TMD Blog # 1

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In this business climate, whether you are a big business or small, its 90% Marketing and 10% Product that determines success. Does anyone disagree? But it is not about spending loads of money on marketing... it’s about spending the right amount of money with the right strategy.

Is it possible for a small company to compete on the WWW against the biggest brand? 
Are there affordable but still productive methods to get a business noticed and convert visitors into buyers?
How does a small to medium sized business decide where their marketing dollars should go?

As this is our first TMD blog, let’s play hardball... 

As every business is different, there is not ONE WAY. There are a multitude of strategies and each business must be custom fitted. But there are a full constants.

Marketing your brand can not be an afterthought- it is integral to your online solution.
Every business needs the flexibility to grow. That means the ability to respond and adapt to new situations and customers. 
Every business needs an online presence that attracts Web consumers and creates  an unforgettable brand.  

Real Answers, Real Results

Here are 5 marketing strategies that work. 

  1. Email trigger marketing- Email messaging is one of the most cost effective ways to engage consumers. But so many emails fall by the wayside. A professional email marketing campaign is orchestrated to create continual email messages that deliver.

  2. Responsive Websites- It is important to create an informative website, but simply having an online presence is not enough in today's competitive marketplace. A user-friendly responsive website design that can be viewed on all devices from an iPhone to a large monitor on a desktop is crucial.

  3. SEO, SEM and PPC Implementation- From organic search engine optimization to pay per click, the options are many but If your website must be search engine optimized. Just because it is built does not mean they will come. Your budget and our analysis will determine what SEM - Search Engine Marketing is best for you. 

  4. Content Development- Every business needs a brand statement, a story to tell.  And every business needs that brand statement integrated into their website and all their marketing collateral. 
    From sending emails, SMS messages to monthly newsletters, your potential and loyal clients must understand who you are, why you are different and what you have to offer that no one else does.

  5. e-Commerce-  e-Commerce is the fastest growing business on the planet. With more and more companies selling their products online and new companies creating technology to service them, it is a competitive environment. Selling your goods online brings tremendous opportunity but it must be done right with a site that is easy to navigate and fun for your customer.


The experts at TMD approach e-marketing in a unique way, because we are brand builders as well as tech experts. Our talented team of web developers, graphic designers, content writers, and marketing strategists all share a passion for efficiency, innovation and cost effective promotion and marketing. Whether it be email marketing, corporate branding, web development, etc, our team will create a marketing strategy for your business that works. We take pride in the part we play in the story of your success and it shows in our commitment and work ethic.