The E-marketing Department is experienced in digital media such as web, e-mail and wireless media, and we are also experts at managing your digital customer data and electronic customer relationship management systems (E-CRM systems).  Our customized services include-


  • Mobile marketing (SMS and Apps)
  • Electronic Market surveys
  • Email (trigger) Marketing
  • Brand content creation
  • Cloud database management
  • Responsive and Mobile website development


  • Landing Page Development and Design
  • SEO, SEM and PPC implementation
  • Mobile App and Website development
  • Graphic Design  
  • E-Commerce development  
  • Content Marketing
  • E-marketing Consulting



The team at TCD are proud of our many years of IT service to companies big and small in Australia, but we are not done yet. With TMD as our marketing arm, we are committed to build our clients the finest and most productive online experience as well as create for them emarketing strategies that work.  Our bottom line is our commitment. We never waiver from our passion to do a job right and save our clients money

Mobile Marketing-  With the mobile being the #1 way people shop and communicate, your business must be mobile active. To build a successful mobile marketing strategy necessitates a deep knowledge of mobile apps and their features as well as the expertise to build and maintain a database. The team at TMD will show you how easy it is to create a productive mobile marketing campaign. We do the work you reap the rewards.

Cloud Database Management-  An active and organized database is what ensures that your loyal customers are accessible. The TMD database management system takes care of organizing, monitoring and servicing your database.

Electronic Market Surveys- How better to find out what your customers want then to ask. Informed and adaptive is the name of the game and TMD electronic surveys are excellent tools for getting the answers you need, interacting with your customers and letting them know you care.

Email (Trigger) Marketing - With TMD’s email platform, your emails are sent out immediately. There is no need to wait.  We get your message out there fast and effectively. And we monitor their results so they are optimally utilized.

Graphic Design-  Every brand needs a strong image to accentuate and reinforce your business’s brand identity. Let the artists at TMD create a professional design that your clients will remember.

Mobile App Development-  With more people using apps than mobile web browsers and consumer spending on mobile app stores and digital content increasing to $61B by 2016, every small business owner must consider developing an app for their online business. We build apps that are high tech and user friendly.

Responsive and Mobile Website Development- In today’s online marketplace, your website must be able to be viewed on all devices, from tablets to iphones to large desktop monitors. A responsive website designed responsively by the TMD experts ensures that whatever device your visitor is using... mobile or computer. Our mobile sites are also very helpful to businesses who are targeting only the mobile market.  We can build either and will analyze your company to decide which is best.

Brand Content Creation- Whether it is a well written website or email letter or a professionally written newsletter, an experienced copywriter is an essential part of every e-marketing campaign. The TMD content marketers are the best in the business.

SEO, SEM and PPC Implementation-  Search Engine Optimization is the the most essential ingredient to a successful website. If a search engine can not find you, you do not exist.  Our philosophy is very simple. Whether you choose  SEO, PPC or SEM, or all three... if those campaigns are not ‘profit centers’ for your business, then there is something wrong. The TMD team consults with your company thoroughly to understand your business objectives in terms of profit and revenue, and then we run your SEO or SEM website campaign to better those goals.